About Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city right on the Mediterranean coast of Israel, and is marked by its simple 1930’s styled Bauhaus establishments – where thousands of these are assembled in the architectural area of the White City. Tel Aviv is also the second largest city after Jerusalem. The city’s official name is actually Tel Aviv-Yafo which indicates that the city of Tel Aviv has absorbed and grown next to Yafo, the ancient city port which is south of the new city’s center. Furthermore, the city of Tel Aviv is also the home of most foreign embassies.

It rests on a fourteen kilometer-long section right on the Mediterranean seacoast. The city of Tel Aviv spreads out over the Yarkon River, all the way up to the north, while the Ayalon River is on the east. Everyday, there are thousands of different people namely tourists, workers, visitors, as well as partygoers who are moving about in the city where they even reach up to the early hours of the day.

Tel Aviv was known as the very first contemporary Jewish city that was established and developed in Israel; plus, it has always been the country’s cultural and economic center. Moreover, Tel Aviv is also known as a great global city and because of this, it has become among the most important financial hubs in the whole world. Because of its lively and vibrant nightlife, Tel Aviv has been called the City that Never Sleeps, or the Party Capital in Israel.

Tel Aviv Hotels

The city center hotels in Tel Aviv are the best places to be in, to easily reach the fun and action that is happening in the city. However, if you want to immerse and experience the heart and soul of the city, you should visit and explore the neighborhood of Tel Aviv where you will meet some of the most interesting and the friendliest locals and even find some of the most interesting bars around. Book one of the luxury upscale hotels Tel Aviv or choose the simple yet elegant boutique accommodations in the area to get access to all the attractions, sights, arts, nightlife, culture, and people. Listed below are some of the top Tel Aviv hotels where you can stay in during your visit to the city.

Margosa Hotel

The famous market of Old Jaffa sits next to this fun and vibrant boutique hotel that is slowly developing right on Margoza Tel Aviv; it features elegant rooms that make for a great escape from all the daily stress and chaos from the city. The hotel has simple yet classy interiors that exhibit a warm and comfy ambiance which is a great place to stay in after a whole day of touring and exploring the city of Tel Aviv.

Market House Tel Aviv Jaffa – Atlas Boutique Hotel

Numerous hotels Tel Aviv can be located in a convenient area that is close to the Jaffa Flea Market and the Jaffa Clock Tower, one of them is the Market House Tel Aviv Jaffa which is about two hundred meters away from a beautiful garden complex in the area. The city’s bus station is about 2.3 kilometers away from the establishment while the Ben Gurion Airport is about nineteen kilometers away from the Market House Tel Aviv Jaffa. If you want to have beautiful historical sights of the city, this is the best hotel choice for you since impressive views of the Byzantine Chapel remains can be seen through the glass floor of the hotel’s lobby.

Yam Hotel Tel Aviv – An Atlas Boutique Hotel

One of the Tel Aviv hotels by Atlas Boutique Hotels that is just a ten-minute walk away from the Old Tel Aviv Port and Hanamal Market; if you are someone who wants to be close to the beach, Yam Hotel Tel Aviv is the perfect accommodation for you since it features rooms that have a cool and airy ambiance that exhibits a beach house interior which is fun and classy. Plus, the hotel can be located just thirty minutes away from the Fishman Beach and the Gordon Beach which is highly convenient for those wanting to enjoy the sun and sand in Tel Aviv.

The Diaghilev Live Art Boutique Hotel

This hotel is set in a Bahaus-styled house that was built in the year 1934; this artsy and stylish, all-suite boutique hotel is about three minutes away from the popular Rothschild Boulevard while the downtown core is 3.4 kilometers away. All of the rooms in this establishment are individually designed to provide more character and style while also ensuring that your stay will be highly comfortable and relaxing.

The Rothschild 71

The Rothschild 71, just like most of the upscale hotels in Tel Aviv, offers excellent services, intimacy, and comfort for individuals on business or leisure trips. It is conveniently set in the center of Tel Aviv’s financial and cultural quarters that can be found right in the city’s most popular Rothschild Boulevard. The hotel is also eleven minutes away from the Culture Palace Concert hall while the Cameri Theater is just two kilometers away.

The Lily and Bloom Hotel

This beautiful hotel can be located nestled right in the heart of the city center; it is a great spot to discover the city of Tel Aviv since it allows you to easily access the must-see destinations in the area. It offers excellent services and a stunning range of useful amenities, ensuring that your stay in the hotels is as comfy and relaxing as possible. All of the rooms in the hotel are equipped with modern conveniences and satisfactory interiors to make your stay a great and memorable one

Flights to Tel Aviv

Flights to Tel Aviv directly fly to the Ben Gurion Airport which is one of the most secure airports in the world; it also has one of the largest and highly modern terminals that can be found in the whole Middle East. The airport provides ease of access due to its moving walkways and numerous elevators, plus, there are also numerous conveniences such as WiFi internet connection, money exchange services, banking facilities, and business lounges available. There is also a shopping mall present in the airport that features a post office and various restaurants for everyone’s comfort. If you are traveling on a budget, here are some of the popular airlines that offer cheap flights to Tel Aviv.

Arkia Isreal Airlines

The Arkia Israel Airlines is the second-largest airline in Israel that operates charter and scheduled flights to around twenty-five locations in sixteen different countries in the Middle East and in Europe. The Arkia Airline’s fleet of nine planes includes the ATR 72-500, Embraer 190LR, the Boeing 757-300, and the Embraer 195LR. Each plane is set with a single Economy Class cabin.

El Al Israel Airlines

El Al Israel Airlines is the flag carrier of Israel that flies nonstop to forty-five international and domestic locations in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa but the airline does not fly during Jewish Sabbath and religious holidays. It has a fleet of planes that include three-cabin configurations: Business, First, and Economy Class; the two-cabin configurations: Economy and First Class or Economy and Business Class; and the single-cabin configuration: Economy Class only.

Things to do in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is well-known for its lively and cultured outlook, along with its stunning golden beaches which make this city Israel’s highly modernized metropolis. Most of the people who visit the city of Tel Aviv aim to bask in the sun, indulge in the traditional delicacies in the city’s most famous restaurants and cafes, or shop nonstop in charming and interesting boutiques that are dotted all over the city. Tel Aviv is definitely one of the most vibrant and interesting cities in the world so expect a lot of things to do in Tel Aviv. The New York Times named the city as the Mediterranean Capital of Cool because it is a lively twenty-four-hour city with a unique charm to it. If you want to explore and immerse in the city’s culture and traditions, here are some of the top things to do in Tel Aviv.

The Petra Day-Trip

Step back into the past during this whole-day trip from the city of Tel Aviv all the way to Petra. You will also have the chance to go on a round-trip flight to Eliat, and once they arrive in the area, they will pass through the Jordan desert to enjoy a guided tour of one of the most magnificent UNESCO-listed sights, Petra. Admire and be enchanted by the rose-red colored monuments and establishments which include the place’s theater, colonnaded streets, tombs, and treasury; a knowledgeable guide will assist you throughout the tour and will give you a brief history about these attractions and sights to make your trip even more memorable. After, you can visit the various shops around for some souvenirs and gifts, then head for a restaurant to enjoy lunch before returning to Eliat to fly all the way back to Tel Aviv.

Tour to Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Witness first-hand the oldest and holiest sites of Israel during the day-trip from Tel Aviv to Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Travel via air-conditioned coach and head first to Old Jerusalem to see and explore the Wailing Wall (Western Wall), the Via Dolorosa, as well as other ancient historical, iconic, and religious sites that can be seen around the area. You will also get the chance to see the Garden of Gethsemane then take a stop to take various photos right at the Mount of Olives before driving to Bethlehem to witness the Church of Nativity and the Manger Square while your guide shares the stories, history, and even secrets behind the landmarks.

The Dead Sea Spa and Wellness Trip

If you want to experience the mystery and wonders of the famous Dead Sea, take part in this whole-day trip from the city of Tel Aviv, all the way to a Dead Sea resort and spa. Spend some time floating in the salted water of the Dead Sea then bask in the sun by the shore; then after, enjoy a mud bath to indulge and experience the mineral-rich treatments that are offered in the area. The last stop of the trip would be at the Qumran Caves where the scrolls of the Dead Sea were discovered.